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 MugenBR - Arquivo de noticias - Abril de 2009
20 April 2009
Rick, Gelato And Others

Autor: .Ilusionista Ex.Por .Ilusionista Ex. as 16:19

fuddyfunny updated Rick from Splatterhouse

Kuroneko released KOFXI Cambodia stage

Hyperhiroro updated Syuren Kano

frule updated Neyuki

Aoba updated Gelato

beppu updated AdelheidXI

Aomura updated Mr.BIG

Hazakura updated K'(edited from Beppu's)

Kung Fu Man released 2 stages from Saya No Uta and updated Yakopu

Don Drago updated all chars

Muteki updated Justice

Kohaku re-released Tenshi_K and updated Youmu_K

dark-shade update Vanessa (Version 1.2)

Uru updated Yoriko MVC

通行人A released TA_B screenpack

Gu released updated Tenshi,Patchouli SWR,Sakuya SWR and Reimu SWR

arthur69 released Seiya HD beta

thanx KPT25

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19 April 2009
Iron Lantern And Bloodrayne

Autor: .Ilusionista Ex.Por .Ilusionista Ex. as 22:31

tenchimuyo4ever released Iron Lantern 1.0

Shiroto updated Reisen & Yuyuko

Abuhachi updated Hyo Amano ,Grant & Kain

Rajaaboy updated Rajaa Lilith & Dhalsim

Zain574 released 3 stages

dorodoro upadted Ryo_Custom

Uru released Yoriko MVC(from Arcana Heart)

Green updated Bloodrayne

⑨ updated Kohaku, White Len and all BBB characters
[img width=320 height=240][/img][img width=320 height=240][/img]

Thanx KPT

19 April 2009
Thanoseid And Others

Autor: .Ilusionista Ex.Por .Ilusionista Ex. as 00:49

Rozeros and zvitor released Thanoseid 0.8

Kuroneko released KOFXI Shion's stage

Gu updated Reimu SWR & Patchouli SWR

Ricepigeon updated SSB Hong Meiling

Le@n released umk3 Lifebars

Hyperhiroro updated Zenon

AkagiK updated Another Blood


Amanojaku released The End(Stage)

(thanx for KPT25 for the news)


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