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Mugenbr - The End
Autor: DeLeTeBRPostado em 10/05/2015 as 16:58 por DeLeTeBR

Olá pessoal,

Com o tempo, tudo chega ao seu fim. Em breve o site, forum e sites hospedados pela MugenBR serão desativados.

Muito aconteceu desde o inicio do site a 15 anos atrás; amizades, aprendizado, enfim, foi uma jornada muito boa !

Registro o meu sincero agradecimento a todos que - direta ou indiretamente - contribuiram com a comunidade MGBR, sem vocês essa comunidade não seria nada.

O site, forum e sites hospedados permanecerão on-line ainda por um tempo (um a dois meses a partir desta postagem). Caso você possua um site hospedado na MugenBR, favor efetuar um backup dos seus arquivos. Qualquer dúvida estou disponivel através do e-mail:

Desejo a todos saúde e muito sucesso no futuro !

DeLeTeBR / Lukas


Hello everyone,

In time, everything comes to an end. Soon MGBR site, forum and hosted sites will be shut down.

Since the beginning of the site, 15 years ago, much has happen; friendship, learning, it's been a great journey !

I would like to thank everyone that - directly ou indirectly - help make MGBR a community, without you nothing would be accomplished.

MGBR site, forum and hosted sites will stay on-line for some time (one or two months from this post). In case you have a site hosted on MugenBR, please backup all your files. If you need to contact me use the following email:

I Wish you all good health and success in future !

Take care,
DeLeTeBR / Lukas
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Boas Festas / Happy Holidays !
Autor: DeLeTeBRPostado em 25/12/2012 as 12:15 por DeLeTeBR

Gostaria de desejar a todos um Feliz Natal e um excelente ano novo !

I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a great new year !
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Paintown 3.6.0 Released
Autor: DeLeTeBRPostado em 21/08/2012 as 13:05 por DeLeTeBR

A new version of this beat'em up engine / mugen 'emulator' have been released. Take a look what's new:


  • Added XBR and HQX scaling algorithms to smooth out pixels at higher window sizes
  • Can load data from .zip and .7z files


  • Fixed many bugs
  • Projectiles work
  • Helpers work

About Paintown:

If you are looking for a side-scrolling, action packed game like you used to play or if you are looking for an extensible engine to write your own game, look no further. Paintown supports user created content through a mod system and user defined functionality through scripting.

Paintown also supports an implementation of M.U.G.E.N. Our goal is to be 100% compatible with M.U.G.E.N 2002.04.14 beta as well as supporting any new updates in the 1.0 version.

- Paintown website

UPDATE: there's a post about this new release in the Paintown Blog; OSX users will be glad to hear that Paitown has support for this OS, here are the entire post:

Paintown 3.6.0 is almost ready to be released. I put up builds for windows, linux, and osx in the pre-release folder of the sourceforge downloads section. Once I am satisfied that all the platforms work relatively well I will move them over to the 3.6.0 folder, thus officially performing the release. Builds of the ps3 and wii will take a little more time just because I want to test them at least once before they are released.

I have pretty much blogged about most of the new stuff in this release in previous posts. Most of the work this time went into the mugen engine. It is now quite playable and somewhat enjoyable to watch the AI fight itself. Recently I added 7z support so mugen characters and motifs can be stored in 7z files. This improvement also affects other parts of the system that load compressed files, such as the paintown mod system.

I would have done the release a bit earlier but I had some difficulty getting the OSX build in shape. I spent a few hours this week fixing some problems with the build but once I finally got a working app I discovered that the new gatekeeper in OSX 10.8 threw a wrench into my wonderful plans. Apparently Apple wants all apps to be signed using a certificate issued by Apple themselves and if an app is not signed then the default action of clicking on an app is an error which says ‘this app is damaged’. That error message is reused for a number of other issues such as a malformed Info.plist file inside the app so its not clear to the end user that the issue is related to it not being signed. Anyway there are three workarounds for this issue:

1. The user can allow untrusted apps to be run by changing a global setting
2. The user can cd to and run ./paintown-3-6-0 directly
3. I can sign the paintown app with a certificate issued by Apple

I don’t expect a lot of people will go with option 2 so I hope that OSX users can tolerate running untrusted apps. Its not like thats new or anything, gatekeeper didn’t exist versions of OSX earlier than 10.8. Option 3 is possible but to get a certificate I need to enroll in the Mac Developer Program which costs $99 a year. This amount of money isn’t a lot but I feel its quite unnecessary to be subjected to a rather arbitrary fee to work around an artificial problem. If someone wants to donate the money to me I am more than happy to use it to sign up for the program and get a signing certificate.

It may be possible to sign the app with a self-issued certificate but all the advice and googling I have found so far indicate that this will not work.

I asked some other OSX developers if this new gatekeeper thing will effectively destroy free/open source software on OSX. I didn’t get a direct answer but someone did say that apps built on the same machine that will ultimately run the app don’t have to be signed. While probably true that is an onerous task that extremely few users would be willing to put up with. The Paintown OSX build is pretty difficult even for me. I could make it slightly easier but still I doubt many people would bother doing it. I haven’t found out yet what other open source projects are doing / going to do about this signing issue but I would like to find out.

Anyway I am excited for this release because there are new features/bugs I want to fix that would have delayed the release had I done them earlier. I hope everyone enjoys it.

- Paintown Blog
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Elecbyte News - New Alpha Version Coming
Autor: DeLeTeBRPostado em 15/07/2012 as 03:19 por DeLeTeBR

Elecbyte's blog have been updated with news regarding the new Mugen version, here is the post:

Hi all. Wanted to let everyone know that we're still here. Right now we're trying to get another alpha version out to the testers. I think we ironed out most of the graphical glitches so that's a plus. Hopefully we've seen the last of the graphical related bugs...
Anyway, if there aren't any major problems, we're considering releasing the next alpha to the public as a 'developer preview' so everybody can check it out. There's no timeline yet, but we're going to release to the testers first and go from there. I'm shooting for within the next 30 days.
More later as it develops...
- David

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01/05/2012 - Lançamentos / Releases
Autor: DeLeTeBRPostado em 01/05/2012 as 20:24 por DeLeTeBR


Hibito, ????, Link

Sora (0.95), Kingdom Hearts Chain Of Memories Sora, Link

Xion, Kingdom Hearts, Link

Riku 1.1, Kingdom Hearts, Link

Mahou Platinum, ????, Link

Superman, ????, Link

Ren Idagawa Custom 1.0, Big Bang Beat, Link

09 characters updated, Capoeira Fighter, Link

Princess Daisy HD, Original, Link

Shikamaru, Naruto Shippuuden, Link

Karin, Naruto Shippuuden, Link

Orochimaru, Naruto Shippuuden, Link

k9999, The King of Fighters 2001-2002, Link

Saiki HD, The King of Fighters XIII, Link

Oni, Street Fighter edit, Link

Chester Cheetah, Chester Cheetah 2: Wild Wild Quest, Link

Kazuya Mishima 1.9, edited, Link

K-Guile, Street Fighter edit, Link

Dhalsim, Street Fighter, Link

Birdie, Street Fighter Alpha Series, Link

Blanka, Street Fighter Alpha Series, Link

Alex, ????, Link

Adon, Street Fighter Alpha series, Link

Chun li, Street Fighter, Link

Cammy, Street Fighter, Link

Balrog, Street Fighter, Link

Scarlet (len edit), ????, Link

Maki & Mika, Street Figher Alpha, Link

Piccolo, Dragon Ball Z, Link

Chun-Li, Street Fighter, Link

Fei Long, Super Street Fighter 2 HD Remix, Link

Gouken, Super Street Fighter IV, Link

Maionese, Capoeira Fighter 3, Link

Haohmaru, Samurai Showdown, Link


Poached Eggs, Angry Birds, Link

Many stages, The King of Fighters XIII, Link

Lion King, edited, Link

Ruy and Ken, Original / edited, Link

Lincoln Memorial, edited, Link

Bison's Stage, Street Fighter the Movie (Console), Link

Captain Sawada stage, Street Fighter the Movie, Link

Dee Jay's Stage, Street Fighter the Movie (Console), Link

Ansatsuken Jutsu (Ryu/Ken Stage), edited, Link

Hollywood Stage, ????, Link

Welcome to my Dark Dimension, based on Master of Darkness, Link

Fight For Dracula, ????, Link

Star Wars Final Battle, edited, Link

Destroyed Temple, ????, Link


Megaman, Lifebars, Link

DJ Troppers Beatmania IIDX15 640x480 [Updated] Bv2, Screenpack, Link

EOF HD 1280X720, Sreenpack, Link

MAD Mugen, Screenpak, Link

MA(N)'SCREENPACK'92 V6, Naruto based Screenpack, Link

BrokenMUGEN1.0 v1.00 (640x480), Screenpack, Link
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Mgbr Forum System Updated
Autor: DeLeTeBRPostado em 29/03/2012 as 13:19 por DeLeTeBR

Last night I updated our forum system to the lastest version released by Invision.

I also took some time to update our forum applications, things should be a litle faster and more consistence now.

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28/03/2012 - Lançamentos / Releases
Autor: DeLeTeBRPostado em 29/03/2012 as 02:48 por DeLeTeBR


Symbiote Spider-Man Version 1.2, ????, Link

Bergamot, MapleStory, Link

Kamaitachi, ????, Link

Devan Shell, Jazz Jack Rabbit 2, Link

Schwartzenguard, Jazz Jack Rabbit 2, Link

Rob Lucci - CP9 Assasin, One Piece, Link

Rouga Zanma Custom 1.0, Big Beat Bang, Link

Larxene 1.1, Kingdom Hearts, Link

Powerd Ciel Full, Crescent-Moon, Link


Training Stage, Street Fighter x Tekken, Link

Cold City 3D, ????, Link

Gothic 3D, ????, Link

Normandy SR-1, Mass Effect 1,
Normandy SR-2, Mass Effect 1,
Normandy SR-2A, Mass Effect 1,
- Download Here

World 3-1, Kid Icarus, Link

Ougon Musou Kyoku - Aquarium(Meta), ????, Link

Bakuretsu Rantou Hen Rooftop (Ryoga stage), Ranma 1/2, Link

Enies Lobby - Buster Call, One Piece, Link

Straight Edge Asylum(CM Punk Arena), ????, Link



- Download Here

Stage Pack 1, Call of Duty:Black Ops Zombies, Link


Fighter Factory 3 RC1 (updated 03/23/12), Link
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20/03/2012 - Lançamentos / Releases
Autor: DeLeTeBRPostado em 21/03/2012 as 02:04 por DeLeTeBR


Dorniar EX, Dungeon Fighter Online, Link

Android 8, Dragon Ball Z, Link

King, Capcom vs SNK, Link

cvsFevrier, Street Fighter edit, Link

Kusanagi, The King of Fighters XIII, Link

Lilith, Vanguard Princess, Link

Lexaeus, Kingdom Hearts, Link


Guilty Gear: The missing link - Stage pack, Link

Taekwondo, Track & Field 2,
Fencing, Track & Field 2,
- Download Here

Screen Combat stage, Biomechanical Toy (based from), Link

Patchet Stage, Battle Tycoon Flash Hiders SFX, Link

Tiria Stage, Battle Tycoon Flash Hiders SFX, Link

USA Stage, The King of Fighters 94, Link

Heat Ray, ????,
Glacier, ????,
Deck 3, ????,
- Download Here

Modern Warfare, edited / original, Link

Dawnstar Brotherhood Sanctuary, ????,
The Darkness II Asylum, ????,
- Download Here

6 stages, Street Fighter Alpha 3, Link

Anima Mundi, ????, Link

College fou fou fou stage, ????, Link


Kirby the Dream Battle beta 3, Link


Fighter Factory 3 RC1, Link
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